Cover crops, often called nature’s “green manure,” are an important management tool for addressing issues such as soil erosion, nutrient runoff and moisture conservation. By providing valuable organic cover to the soil, cover crops can substantially reduce common soil issues while providing forage for livestock and wildlife.

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Reduced Soil Erosion

Cover crops act as a barrier for the soil, shielding it from rain runoff and wind and improving the overall soil structure.

Improved Soil Quality

Many cover crop species help cut fertilizer costs by providing large amounts of organic matter that increase microbial activity and nitrogen availability.

Weed Suppression

Cover crops will compete directly with weeds for nutrients and space, reducing weed pressure and reducing the need for herbicides.

Improved Water Quality

Cover crops help lower the chance of nonpoint source pollution from fertilizers and agricultural chemicals.

Improved Soil Moisture

Our cover crop varieties can help reduce plant stress during a drought, trapping surface water and reducing runoff.

Supplemental Forage

Cover crops can be grown to supply additional nutritional forage material for grazing animals.

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